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Shonto Canyon and Trading Post ~ Then and Now
Western Navajo Reservation, Arizona


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An Adventure To Betatakin

After leaving Tuba City, the tourists headed east on the "Kayenta Road," stopping briefly at the Elephants Feet.  

Florence White poses for Charles' snapshot on the toe of one of Elephant's Feet, circa 1933.

Seventy years later, Charles' niece poses for a rephotograph.  Pat perched on the same "toe" ~ circa 1996.

Muriel jotted the following notation in her log for 1933:  Red Lake over the mesa to Shonto, the beautiful at sunset.


Excerpt from:
"Trip Memories" by Clarence White
circa 1934


By the last golden after-glow of the set sun we plunged down a steep canyon side; and there across the living water, nestled against the glowing red cliffs, was Shonto, "Sun on the Water"; two large spreading trees, green grass, stone store with a blue roof, shed , guest house, and four well-built hogans, the only fit lodging for desert romanticists.  Here was the trader, Harry Rorick, his wife, her mother, and a hospitality to warm the heart and linger.  Here was our longest stay; the evenings passed in good talk, ranging from the Navajos in all directions and back again.


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Old road leading to Shonto Canyon from the Kayenta Road, circa 1933.

Muriel Clock standing above Shonto Canyon looking down to the post.  


The road into Shonto Canyon.  


Shonto Canyon, circa 1933.

Then....Shonto Trading Post, circa 1933

and Now...the post is hidden behind a grove of cottonwoods, circa 1997. 

A close up of the post buildings, circa 1933.


The original buildings were destroyed in a fire.  The post as it looked in1997.

The "guest hogans" circa 1933.  The living room hogan is in the background to the right.

View of the canyon from the front of the post,
 circa 1933


Sheep being brought to water.

Re-photograph, circa 1997.


Shonto Canyon, circa 1933


Rephotograph, circa 1997.

(The road leading down into the canyon from the east has been paved.  The road leading up from the canyon to Navajo National Monument is still graded and narrow.)


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