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On the Road
1930's Colorado Plateau area photos


Vintage cars on the Arizona highways of yesteryear.


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On the Road
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Things didn't always go as planned....Roadside repairs, circa 1926.  a crutch is left leaning against the tire on the backside of the car. 



The family touring car, shown here, was a 1928 (possibly a 1929) LaSalle, seven seat sedan.  Presumably the car offered more comfort than the more rustic accommodations available to the motoring tourist.   Photo circa 1931.


Happy trails....
On the road to Monument Valley, circa 1930.  The Clocks made a circuitous trip that year via Coal Canyon, the Monuments, and Oljeto.




Venturing into Monument Valley circa 1933.  A classic shot of the monuments long before the establishment of the paved road to the Navajo Tribal Park.  Monuments from left to right: Eagle Mesa, Brighams Tomb, King on His Throne, Stagecoach, Bear and Rabbit,  Big Indian, and Sentinel Mesa.  

Begashonto Trading Post,  circa 1929 (identified by reading the sign in front of the store.)  Possibly the location of "Luke Smith's store" at the crossroads of Begashibito, or Cow Springs, and the old road to Shonto.  The Cow Springs Trading Post was moved after the highway, then known as Arizona 264 and now 160, was paved in the early 1960s.  The post didn't survive long however; a few graffiti covered walls and chimney are all that remain.




Marble Canyon Lodge,  circa 1930.  The backdrop of Vermillion Cliffs hasn't changed much in the past seventy years, but the lodge has been expanded by several buildings.  When the Clocks arrived here in 1933 with their friends, Clarence and Florence White, also of Redlands, Clarence lamented a "return to civilization."  By 1930, the Navajo Bridge spanning Marble Canyon, had been completed; Lee's Ferry operation had been discontinued in 1928 following a tragic accident in which three people drowned.

  Highway 89, circa 1930, two miles from Mt. Carmel Junction, Utah.  After leaving the Ferry, the Clocks made the journey up to Zion National Monument, both in 1930 and again in 1933.



Black Canyon, circa 1930.

When Charles wasn't out touring the Navajo Reservation and other parts of northern Arizona, he pursued his other vocational interest--collecting minerals.


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